2 weeks to go

[Photo from a training ride down Highway 1 this past weekend]

Been a while since I updated, all the snow the western US has received was making my trip a bit dodgy, but the latest heat wave seems to have opened up most of the passes (the exception being, of course, the first climb on my list: Mt Harrison in Idaho.  A recent Strava attempt made it to within ~1000 feet of the summit, so I’m hoping another 2 weeks of heat will make it passable!)

I’m still finalizing my route and targeted climbs, but here’s what it looks like so far (and no, I don’t expect to ride all of these – I imagine I will bag a dozen or so, depending on conditions, weather, fitness, and how the body reacts to multi-hundred mile motorcycle days.

So far, the plan is:
500 miles to Oregon (mostly slab, get outta town!)
500 miles to Albion area (ride Mt Harrison)
Head up to Montana and northern Wyoming
500 miles through Wyoming (ouch) to Colorado
…and then… not sure… Pike’s Peak and Mt Evans are on the list.. we’ll see! Either spend the whole time in Colorado, or if Utah looks good, might head over there.
My most optimistic route home is cutting straight north through Idaho (Another wack at Harrison?) to avoid having to cross Nevada


The climbing mindmap, combination of various websites and books


Serious now.. deleted all my local climbs and starting to populate my segment page on Strava!
Super loose route.. definitely needs refining.. too much super slab

2 thoughts on “2 weeks to go”

  1. Just passed you at Dunnigan on my way to Lodoga Road Race with my bike! I snapped a photo of your setup and saw that there was a website on your bottom tube and found myself here. Awesome idea and looks insanely fun! Enjoy 🙂


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