Day 5: Rest Day, Red Lodge MT

After I updated yesterday, the thunderstorms rolled through in earnest, with legitimate rain and thunder, lightning and wind. Today’s forecast looked similarly bad, and I had no interest in tackling the ‘tooth in rainy, blustery conditions. Tomorrow is looking reasonable, so I decided to take a rest day – do some minor bicycle maintenance, adjust the chain on the motorcycle, check the oil, etc.

I spent the day puttering around Redlodge on my bicycle, acquiring breakfast for tomorrow, snacks, coffee, etc. As usual, finding food that wasn’t grilled or deep fried was a bit tricky. But it was a pleasure to be outside in reasonable temperatures instead of hiding from 95+ after noon time.

Assuming the weather holds, I’ll be headed to Greybull to tackle Granite Pass and Hwy 14 alt back-to-back. That would be 3 of the top 100 climbs in 4 days. I’m hoping the shorter motorcycle legs will mean I’m less beat down!

The weather remains the wild card, yesterday Shell, WY had flash flood warnings and 50 mph wind warnings – that’s the start of the Granite Pass climb, so we’ll see which way the weather whims go.

Morning Red Lodge
Ominous afternoon Red Lodge
All this heat is melting all the snow and the river next to my hotel looks awfully full, hopefully I don’t have to deal with floods too

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