Day 12: Peak-to-peak Scenic Byway, Idaho Falls, CO

Nothing real exciting to report – you can get to Idaho Falls from Estes Park by dropping back into the flat lands and taking the superslab, or you can take some of the back roads.

The weather was pretty much perfect (finally, the first day of good weather!) which was good because it is also the season of road construction, so I sat in several lines of cars waiting for 1 way traffic control.

Amusingly, the entire byway has signs posted every so often that say “MOTORCYCLES USE EXTREME CAUTION”

Even after using extreme caution for 90 miles, I still can’t figure out what the signs are cautioning about.  It’s good pavement, well signed, etc. The only thing I can figure is that it is open range and heavily populated by moose and mountain goat?

In any case, the ride was fine and beat the freeway for sure. It was a short leg so as usual, I didn’t take any pictures. Here’s one of the bike in the hotel parking lot.

Tomorrow is Mt Evans, first trip up near 14,000 feet. Weather calls for some sprinkles off and on, but nothing too bad and no crazy wind or major thunderstorms.

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