2×2 Cycles Motorcycle Bicycle Rack Install and Mount Diablo Shakedown

So ordered up the 2×2 rack and received it promptly.  I pondered removing my Moto Overland Top Plate and bolting it straight to the bike. I wasn’t real confident in getting my elaborate stack of bolts, washers, spacers, Hepco Becker side case racks, etc., back together. In the end decided to just bolt it to the existing plate with a bunch of bolts and washers.  Time will tell if this is a bad idea.

Rack sandwich

I went ahead and test fit my road bicycle (Parlee Z5SLi) and was very happy with the security and fit.  With the exception of being concerned of the exhaust outlet in relation to the front wheel storage:

Aftermarket exhaust outlet behind front tire

Now this is probably ok, there’s a good 8 to 10 inches between the exhaust outlet and the tire.. but given what I was planning, I emailed Garret @ 2×2 and he leapt into action, welding up a custom bracket that will move the tire up or back 3-6 inches, I rode Diablo without it, but here’s what it looks like:

Bracket is reversible, for up or back orientation, with a clever tab welded on so it can’t rotate.

Okay, great, we got a bike on a rack, now we need to take it some where.  Embarrassingly, despite living in the bay area for 20+ years, I have never bicycled up Mt Diablo.  So I chose this as my destination.  I picked a convenient Starbucks ~50 miles away near the foot of the climb, loaded up, and headed out.

First observation:  My motorcycle+bicycle is a SPECTACLE. People were swerving around on the freeway, zooming up next to me to take a picture, etc.  This was a little unnerving, I couldn’t tell if I was losing parts or something else was happening.  Please don’t take my picture while driving your car!

For this ride, I wore my bicycle kit under my motorcycle gear (Aerostich Darien Jacket and Pants) and my side cases were entirely empty.

Here’s me parked and getting ready to transform:

Yeah, people stared. Children were confused.

I quickly realized I would need to find some other solution to stashing my gear while out bicycling – it literally filled both cases completely, along with a helmet lock to bolt my helmet below my side case.  That won’t leave much (any) room for a month’s worth of travel and camping gear.  Later I did some research and found the Pacsafe Backpack and Bag Protector (Amazon) – it sorta looks like a squid mated with a bicycle cable lock.  It certainly won’t stop anyone determined to mess with your stuff, but will hopefully deter a lazy snatcher.

Pacsafe (Amazon)

Alright, so after 15 or 20 minutes of changing and packing and bolting the bike back together, time to roll!

Click image for full Strava activity

Road conditions were pretty sketchy – lots of dirt, gravel, some water.  I started on the south side went to the summit, then blasted down the north side and back up again.

West side!
East side!

Alright, back at Starbucks.. time to transform!  Since every cyclist and motorcyclist knows the danger of saddle sores, gotta get those bike shorts off and clean up.. how?  Well, for the Rock Cobbler “extreme gravel grinder” there was a sample of On The Go Towel Wipes (Amazon)

Wipes – Amazon

– these are much much better than baby wipes.  Far more substantial and you don’t smell like babies.  Along with a beach towel and a fresh pair of shorts, I performed the Reference Standard Beach Change and was back in motorcycle gear.

Conclusion:  This is doable.  Needs multi-day and long distance test!

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