Day 2: 1000 miles from home

You’ll note the lack of a title picture. Today was boring to ride, probably boring to relate, and probably boring to read about. But I’m trying to stay in the habit, so here goes.

I knew today was going to be pretty punishing, even before the heat, even from looking at the route on the map – it looked flat, boring, and straight. Typical high desert high speed droning. Definitely a “getting some where” not a “going some where” situation.

However, I come equipped for this sort of day – My Garmin Zumo has an XM radio, which is usually sufficient entertainment. This is a typical Garmin product, in that it works about 98% of the time, and then that 2% of the time, you scream in rage at it.  I have dubbed this “graging.”  Anyone with a garmin cyclocomputer that ate their ride data knows what I’m talking about.

In this case, the XM antenna was acting up saying “low” or “no” signal. Usually I bring spares of anything I’d be super sad about losing or breaking – so, books on tape, MP3 player, or something.. but for this trip, I pretty much shed all the extras to fit my bicycle stuff (I do have a spare bike GPS & HR strap – priorities!)

So I was about to face 500 miles of boring horror and started dismantling my electronics to see if it was a bad connection when I remembered:  Garmin is incredibly stupid when it comes to Bluetooth.

Previously I had my GPS paired to my phone, but was putting it in Airplane mode to conserve battery life. Could Garmin be so stupid as to screw up their own XM antenna when a Bluetooth pairing is stuck in discovery?

YES GARMIN IS THAT STUPID.  I disabled it and had XM radio again.

So, the ride:
The first 100 miles were pretty nice, winding around a couple of lakes out of Lakeview.. then.. it was a 400 mile death march through the high desert.

The only excitement was a couple of cows trying to kill me, leaping randomly like deer, as almost all the open desert is free range, you have to be alert for critters like that.

That’s it, tomorrow I take “the rig” a short ~24 mile jaunt to the start of Mt Harrison for the first bicycling. My toe is still pretty sad, but in typical fashion, I will ignore it.

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