Day 3: The Full Mount Harrison

Finally, time to bicycle! I chose Mount Harrison in Idaho has my first climb because of the remoteness from other climbs, since I am unlikely to be bicycling through again. The downside is they don’t plow this road, they just wait for it to thaw out, and as of 2 days ago, no one had managed to make it past all the snow.

I set the alarm for 4:30 (there is a “dangerous heat warning” through Friday for this area) and woke up still feeling very beat up from the 1000 miles of motorcycling and my squished/cut up toe.  I decided to be optimistic that bicycling up a 9000 foot tall mountain would be a “recovery” ride.  I got my stuff together, rode to Albion, ID and unloaded at a gas station/convenience mart (side note: I wish I had stayed in Albion, it’s a nice little town and not as busy as the highway corridor.)

After spending a few miles along the valley floor, you reach the ski area turn off.

The ascent is gradual and mostly pastural and then becomes a bit more alpine-ish.
I saw my first snow around 7400 feet, and this was also where I started noticing that I like air. I spent the past two nights around 4500 feet, but I watched my maximum HR percentage (MHR) drift upward as the air got thinner.

Closing in on 8200 foot altitude, there was a 10 foot patch of snow I had to shuffle through – this is the first bike ride I had to kick snow out of my pedal cleats.

A bit further, you can see where you’re headed, then you ’round a bit switchback and.. a bit more snow.. but still passable.

Once more around a couple of switchbacks, and victory!

More motorcycling tomorrow, but definitely feel better with a bike ride and a major climb completed!

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