Day 9: Estes Park, CO (Rocky Mountain National Park)

500 miles, all motorcycling today, with the added excitement of random thunderstorm warnings.

The mosquitos would just not quit, even at 5:30 in the morning and at the Wyoming gas stations, I hope Colorado mosquitos are not as vicious.

Leaving Greybull is a bunch of secondary highway, which isn’t bad, then you connect through Windriver Canyon, which is very impressive and worth the trip – I was being chased by thunderstorms, so no pictures.  The heat was cranking up again too, so unfortunately I could not stop at Thermopolis (“largest hot spring in the world” scrawled on a mountain with a big arrow) – it did look pretty big from the highway!

Unfortunately after that bit of excitement, my GPS beeped and said “Continue 238 miles on Highway 20”

I won’t say it is as bad as the high desert droning, since the scenery does change a bit and there are a few small towns descending into Ghost Town status.. but it was still pretty rough.

After a long, long time, I got into Loveland and it was 96 and humid. Even worse weather than where I was!  Ugh.

The road to Estes Park goes through Big Thompson Canyon, which snakes along a river – it would be a very entertaining motorcycle road (ie, roller coaster) but it is also a heavy tourist corridor, so I settled for enjoying the scenery – steep rocky gorges and other interesting formations.

Lots of thunderstorming going on, but at least that is cooling things off.

Tomorrow my first trip above 12,000 feet before tackling Mt Evans & Pike’s Peak (14,000 each)


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